Friday, October 7, 2011

Which Bumps Do You Prefer?

During the Republican Tea Party Debate Bachmann brought up the issue of Perry's Executive decision to force 12 year old girls to receive a shot that prevents cervical cancer.


I first watched this in my political communication course and decided it was crazy. The government should not be able to force children to take a shot for a non-contagious disease, but moreso than that ONE MAN should not have the ability to make that happen.

When I had more time to think about it, I still don't think it's appropriate for one man to require that to happen, however, we do have shots for diseases that we are forced to take. There is a lot of government regulation on healthcare already and I don't expect that to decrease any time soon.

However, this conversation led to another with Ashley the other day.

For those who don't know, there is talks of whether the government should provide birth control to young people.

And no, I'm not talking about the bowl of expired condoms sitting outside of the nurse's office in high school.

I'm talking about providing pills, or shots, or surgery to girls to prevent pregnancy.

I think it's a great idea.

      1.  When we look at poverty stricken families what common correlation do we see? Unmarried mothers, teenage mothers, children that need support. Here's the deal, in this country they are going to get support. We as citizen are going to pay taxes to support those teenage families, and worst of all, those kids are STILL going to grow up in crappy atmospheres. We may as well pay for the birth control and save potentially multiple "lives", than have those lives reach into our pockets later (in the figurative and unfortunately literal sense). Now do I think we should require girls to take birth control. Absolutely not, and I don't condone sexual activity at that age either, but if we are going to live in a country where we are required to pay taxes for the impoverished anyway (and we do), may as well support something before peoples lives get ruined.

      2.  When it comes to condoms versus birth control for women. Let's take a moment and be honest with ourselves/ Or I'm more than willing to enlighten those who don't know. Most men don't like condoms. You know who is not going to wear a condom, an uneducated teenager who doesn't care about the repercussions. Even if he does wear a condom, it's less effective than birth control. When I was in Environmental Science my professor discussed how the argument behind hunting as a means of population control was flawed because if that were true, we should be hunting the Females and not the big Bucks. She said if  there are 20 deer and one is female, there can only be one litter, if there is only one male, there can be 19 litters. We need to be attacking the problem where it really exists. With the pregnant girl.

      3.   But Matt, don't know that birth control doesn't prevent std's? Ya, ya I do. If a teenager decides they are grown enough to be sexually active, they can risk the consequences. They are "grown up" enough to have sex, they are "grown up" to buy some condoms. Or they can live with the consequences for the rest of their life. Those little bumps, those are forever. But you know who should NEVER be considered a "consequence" that someone has to live with for the rest of their lives? A child. A child is a blessing, and once they are in this world, they deserve to be treated as such.

Something to think about.

Friday, September 23, 2011

A Real Politician

I try to read the editorial section and letters to the editor of the democrat gazette every day. If you never have, I absolutely recommend it. It's an opportunity to really see what people think.

You can argue all you want that the democrat is far left, or far right. (yes both arguments are out there), but when it comes to the letters to the editor, you truly get a look into the people of Arkansas. The ideas, morals, concepts that are TRULY out there.

I was an article by my guilty pleasure editorialist Gene Lyons that really  made me think. He spoke about how fortunate we are that Michelle Bachman's advisors abandoned her, because we truly get to see her  for the crazy person that she is.

Here's what made me think. And yes, this is going to go against everything I'm studying in college, and the defining of my future.

It made me think why? Why do politicians need advisors for their demeanor, for their thoughts, for their actions. Yes I understand that we want our politicians to be stable. But before elections, when we are truly trying to figure out who we are voting for, why can't we see this true person.

Yes Michelle Bachman is a crazy. lol. But she's PASSIONATE. She knows what she believes, and people will vote for her for that reason. Because she KNOWS what she believes and people KNOW what they believe. So those people are now being given the opportunity to have their crazy ideals represented on a larger scale.

Now allow to me to point out that in no way am I promoting Michelle Bachman. I'm promoting having politicians that will tell me what they are capable of doing. Candidates that will tell me what they ACTUALLY want to make happen while they are president/mayor/governor/representative/judge. NOT what they think we want to hear.

Voting for a whole lot of people that like to dress up as adults and play politics is getting old. I want people that will scream at the injustice. In the constitution of America it says that if we see corruption that we not only have the right, but the responsibility to do something about it.

I want a politician that KNOWS they have that responsibility.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Don't Speak

 For those who don't know, Don't Ask, Don't Tell has been repealed. The policy created in the Clinton Administration, that Michael Scott would tell you is a "lose, lose" has been declared a violation of human rights, almost 20 years later. So what better reason to begin blogging again than this?

As I accidently do in most of my blog entries, I will again make a point to discredit myself by saying that I'm not a soldier, nor do I see myself serving in the military any time soon. So, no, I'm not an expert.

But I do know about being a human being. A human being that, because of my first amendment rights, can express myself in any manner that I see fit.

Because of my first amendment rights. The most valuable right that we have. The right to have a voice. The right to yell out to any ears that may hear it. To say whatever I want to say.

That right was taken away from military personnel who were gay. The freedom of speech. Don't Ask, Don't Tell is exactly the opposite of the freedom of speech.

I will be honest. I understand if a bunch of straight males don't want to shower with gay males. The military does not allow males and females showering together, so I wouldn't expect men to have to shower with gay men. I understand if men don't want to be stuck in a fox hole with another man that may or may not be attracted to him. A homophobe has the right to be a homophobe. That is his American right.

Here is my problem. I challenge a single person to find a mature veteran who would take away an American's right to burn the American flag. The freedom of speech, the freedom of expression, the freedom of protest. Ever veteran will tell you that THAT is what they fought for. The freedom to say what you believe.

But a homosexual cannot say who they are.

The military sure did drop the ball on that one. Luckily they've been given a new chance.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Which Came first: Gamers with no friends, or Single player games

Well this entry probably isn't going to connect with everyone, but it's a conversation I've found myself having over and over, and I'd love some feedback.

The issue is of gaming.

And no, I don't consider myself to be a "gamer". (though I can be found playing hours of Madden)
And no this isn't a criticism the violence, sex, and drug use in video games "brainwashing" our children into making babies at 13 and joining games.
(Not yet......)

I think in order to talk about my issue with today's video games, I need to take y'all back to a simpler time. Not the times of pong (I'm not that old). I'm talking about nintendo, super nintendo, and n64. You see, back then, and still today, my father ran a pawn shop. So I, being the envy of my friends, got to use my dad's store like a library. I swapped out games and movies as I pleased.

Unlike my friends, I was never really into games like Zelda, or Mario Brothers, but I never really knew why.

But now I think I do.....

You see, looking back on what my favorite games were, it was always things like Super Smash Brothers, and Goldeneye. And no it's not because I'm particularly into violence, it's because my memories of those games always seemed to share one common theme.

Hanging out with my friends.

I loved having all of my friends sleep over, playing video games til 5 a.m,. drinking soda, eating snacks, laughing at each other, and having a great time.

So what's the point of this entry? Forcing others to read about your reminiscing? Well that'd just be cruel.

I was in my dad's store the other day looking at games (I don't get them for free anymore....) when I realized something. Not a single ps3 game on the shelf, there were about 30, was multiplayer.

Sure there were plenty of games that you could play against your "friends" online, but no games that you could play with someone sitting right next to you.

Who made that decision? That no gamers had friends? That people don't like to sit around next to eachother and play video games anymore?

Sure, I have friends that it's cool that I can play games against them when they live in other cities, states, countries, but it's sort of irrelevant if I never played against them when they were sitting right next to me.

I am one of those people that unfortunately believes that one day society will be made up of people sitting in their own houses doing everything from their own computers. Every action from a single chair. Never moving.

But today is not that day.

We have to stop buying these anti-social one-player games. That's the only way to let the game makers know.

If we want more multiplayer games, we have to do something about it! I refuse to resort to going back and buying the old systems and the old games. Whether or not people want to believe it, the prices on those have started going back up.

However, if things don't change I'm pretty sure I have an old n64 in my parents attic. It might just be time to dig that old thing back up.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Confessions of a Virgin

Anyone that knows me knew this entry was coming.

Yes. I, Matthew Pearson, am a virgin.
Yes, I realize I've been in a  relationship for 5 and a half years.
Yes, I also realize I'm 22 years old.

So what is this entry going to be about?

A boasting of holding on to my V-card until marriage?

a judgement of those who didn't?
Not at ALL

A preachy social commentary on my disappointment in the expectations of society......?
Well, I mean, don't act like you've never read my blog before ;)

While risking offending most of societies progressive movements, what I really want to talk about, is the stigma on remaining abstinent.

How super conservative of me, right?

Here's the deal. There are programs that teach safe sex, and there are programs that teach abstinence. There's really no middle ground, at least in Arkansas. Yes, if we are taught safe-sex, we are also taught that the "safest"-sex is no sex. But, of course, the instructor jokingly says it.

But why does it have to be a joke? It is completely possible to wait. And while I completely understand that no one HAS to wait, I don't understand why we have to "expect" that young people are having sex anyway.

My landlady came over the other day and told me we had to remove the infamous "that's what she said" poster. For those who don't know, it's a giant poster on the wall that is covered in "that's what she said" quotes that get mistakenly said in the house. My landlady began to justify herself by saying "I know you're young, and you're having sex, but I don't want to read about it on the poster." Well my immediate reaction was shock that she thought we were doing the things written on the poster. Hahaha.

Second reaction: Offense. I made sure to correct her. "Actually we're waiting until marriage."

And as most people react whenever I make the proud declaration, she was silenced.

As all journalists know, Never ASSUME, it makes an ASS (out of) U (and) ME.

Here's the deal: Ashley and I are waiting until marriage (two more days!) to have sex. Could we have had sex a LONG time ago? Absolutely. But we didn't, we waited. We learned about each other. We learned to appreciate every aspect of the other. When others were loving and losing, when relationships played musical chairs all around, we remained together. We were best friends. I am not ashamed of it at all. I don't feel any less of a man. We are still very physically attracted to each other. We have passion, we have love, our relationship is much deeper than I think a lot of people have experienced. Much further than physical.

Do I believe in the physical aspect relationships? Sure. But to put it on an elementary level. The penis does not have to enter anything to have a strong physical relationship. I think that concept tends to get lost, yet couples wander aimlessly spending ungodly amounts of money wondering why they've lost the passion. Why she's no longer being satisfied.

We worry about why children are reproducing. I admit it's a problem. But maybe shoving condoms into their pockets isn't the answer.

Maybe preaching abstinence isn't the answer.

Maybe these single parent children just need to be taught to love, not only others, but themselves.

The love of my parents was rivaled by no other. Growing up I didn't looked for a girl that I could use a condom on. I looked for a girl that would love me like my mom loved my dad.

I think I found her.

p.s. in two more days it's my turn :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Who are we trying to impress?

Beautiful, busy, bustling, beaming; New York City is indescribable. It's an atmosphere that I challenge any place to match (seriously cause I'd like to visit that place too).

As some of you know, I love people. I could spend hours just watching how they interact, and New York was the ultimate catering to this pleasure. A smorgasbord of cultures, creeds, and colors served up on a platter for extroverts to enjoy.

I have a lot to write about when it comes to this city, I'll probably have four a five entries on it, but I want to start with an observation, and a reiteration of the first adjective used in this post.


It's not just the sights that attract the world to this stunning city. New York has BEAUTIFUL people, with FANTASTIC taste in fashion. I couldn't help but stare in jealousy at some of the daring, sometimes gaudy, fashion decisions being made. Jealousy stemming from how naturally it worked for most people.

But it made me think:

Here's something I enjoy about my city. When I walk into a bar, I know someone. I dress to impress the people I already know. The people that I want to have an opinion about me. I just don't feel that that could be the mindset here. In the city, you're just another face in the crowd, another drunk in a bar, another number in a row. The city is beautiful until you get lost in the white noise. Is there such thing as too much of a good thing? Yeah I truly believe in that.

These New Yorkers seem to ignore each other anyway. You kind of have to. Jared and I decided that if "Yes Man" took place in New York, he'd be broke and homeless. But that's another entry for another day.

If these people really are completely ignoring each other, why even bother? Are they walking around dressing up for the day to pretend like their two seconds of eye contact (which is probably stretching it in New York) make up for the loneliness of not "really" ever meeting anyone?

It's the realization that your friends are only "acquaintances", but to an extreme degree. It's being surrounded by a million people, but feeling completely alone.

Without consistent interaction, one cannot truly be happy.

Cheers had a bar where "everybody knows your name".

Sounds good to me

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How to make money :)

Okay so in order to follow my last post quickly as to avoid the onslaught of  impending pity parties, here is my answer to any dreamer that wants to make money.

We all sit around and have a million brilliant ideas. Whether it's making a ton of money, changing the world, or just adding a little excitement to an otherwise monotonous life, we all like to be dreamers.

Well here's a dream for you, and I'll break down reason's why it will work along the way.

The Real World - Conway.

I know what you're thinking. GODAWFUL. Noone outside of Conway will want to watch something like that.
But here's the deal, why does anyone outside of Conway need to watch it?
This is why I say that:
  • American Idol winner Kris Allen (voted by the fans). 
  • First ever fan voted Madden cover winner Peyton Hillis.
Conway has loyalty, and Conway has viewership.
This is my proposal. You get a huge house, and put 7-8 people in it. People from Hendrix, people from UCA, people from CBC. If you're interested, pull a couple people from UALR, or even a Conway High graduate.

Now there would have to be an interview process, and I couldn't guarantee Gold (especially the first time around), but what I could guarantee that you would make money off it it.

Here's how:
First you build a website. This is the forum in which you will share your television show.
  • You start to create buzz. This won't be hard, because you're going to be interviewing tons of people on Every major campus in central Arkansas. People will find out that their friends might be on the show, and your site will be getting a ton of hits every day
  • You take the proof of those hits to businesses around Conway FIRST! THIS IS IMPERATIVE! Why are we not going straight to the big dogs immediately? Because we are pushing Conway loyalty! Who better to advertise your website FOR YOU, than someone paying you to advertise ON YOUR website. They're investing money, suddenly your website is postered on every major business in Conway (Stobeys love anyone?)
  • Through the sponsorships, you pay to rent the house, you pay the participants (college students don't ask for much if you have alcohol flowing), and you pay for all of the equipment and filming. We're in a COLLEGE TOWN. there are people with access to all of the equipment that you need, and they're ALL trying to find their big break. Ever heard of an internship?
Who wouldn't watch a bunch of people from Conway do ridiculous things? If one of the participants is from, say, Oklahoma, their friends from back home will also wanna view it. It has potential to be a huge thing.

Now when it comes to how the actual show should work. That's all up to you. I'm just telling ya'll how to make money off of it. All I ask is for a little bit of credit once it gets started.

:) you're welcome.